Iron Maiden 2011 Tour

My new tagline is: From Puberty to Menopause - Iron Maiden: We've Got You Covered! (T)
I've listened to the band since 1980 - April in fact. They were opening for Judas Priest. I was a stone Priest fan and couldn't care less about some dodgy opening band. Boy was I wrong! I had to scrape my jaw from the floor that spring evening. I've been agog ever since. February 11, 2011 saw Iron Maiden play in front of a very appreciative crowd in Moscow, Russia. They are starting yet another lengthy tour to support Final Frontier, the 25th over all album, 16th studio album. I am still quite luke warm on this offering, which is a step up from out right thinking it shite upon first, second and even third listening. Maiden have always been a LIVE band, so I'm not too plussed about not liking it on vinyl. I'm sure the live renditions of the songs will suit me just fine.

When The Wild Wind Blows was taped in Moscow on February 11, 2011. Being the first night, Bruce sounds awesome! The guitar playing is spot on: Adrian opens this track with Janick coming in a bit later. I've always been a fan of Maiden's guitar playing. This track would be an exercize in excess if you weren't a fan of guitar work. Janick takes the solo at 5:01 and sounds every bit the shredder he "was" before Iron Maiden constrained him. 5:28 brings Adrian in and it's as if he's weaving the solo out of the ether. The music just drips and flows from him. At 6:03 Davey takes a solo. In comparison it's more measured and precise sounding. Every note seems to have it's place: like if Mary Poppins were to morph into an axe-master. It's gobsmacking to hear three distinct styles in playing from three distinctly different guitar players. Yet it all seems to mesh quite well.

I've still no idea what the lyrics are about and indeed after a while tune them out preferring to listen to a wall of sound. About eight minutes in, Adrian takes another solo. The song plods for a while and then has a nice refrain. Not for nothing, I'm sure if I looked at the sheet music for the song and saw how all the harmonies, verses, and runs interconnected I'd be a happier camper. It's beautifully written.

For the first time in a long time, Maiden are playing a proper tour of the UK. Defintiely go see them live! You won't be disappointed; no matter what the setlist is!

20/7/11 – SECC, Glasgow – UK
21/7/11 – Aberdeen Exhibition Centre – UK
23/7/11 – Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle Upon Tyne – UK
24/7/11 – Sheffield FM Arena, Sheffield – UK
27/7/11 – Nottingham Arena, nottingham – UK
28/7/11 – M.E.N Arena, Manchester – UK
31/7/11 – National Indoor Arena, Birmingham – UK
1/8/11 – Cardiff International Arena, Cardif – UK
3/8/11 – Odyssey Arena, Belfast – UK
5/8/11 – The O2, London – UK
6/8/11 – The O2, London – UK


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