And Jersey For All: Grub Crawl NYC

The great Metallica Local Chapter known as AND JERSEY FOR ALL got together once again for the culinary delight of others. The chapter is best known for food, food, eating, cooking, food and of course BACON!! LOL February 12, 2011 saw them take the streets of the much beloved New York City in the first (but definitely not the last) GRUB CRAWL. What is a grub crawl the Americans reading this will ask. A grub crawl is like a pub crawl. In London we get together and walk from pub to pub drinking. But in Jersey, we prefer to eat. So instead of pubs, I, your humble chapter head, chose grub i.e. food. Metro cards in hand, we criss crossed the great gotham city to some of the finest eateries and literally ate all day. Fancy Dress?? That means, we did it in costume!!!

PrincessVic and Captain Hook started out the festivities by partaking in light refreshments at The Shake Shack on 8th and 44th. This Shake Shack is an indoor sit down place. The line here moves much faster than the one in Madison Park. Many people stopped us to take pictures or to inquire what play we were in. Lively banter ensued with all friendly adults and kids alike.

From midtown we headed to the Chelsea Market. Our destination is the world famous Jacques Torres. Here we satiated our chocolate love. The Jacques Torres in Chelsea Market is quite small and was hella packed. The queue moved swiftly and the staff super friendly!! I purchased an Earl Gray and a Chai Tea chocolate piece. The original intent was to do the hot chocolate, but it was too darn warm in the city for that. LOL

From here we moved back to midtown to the best place for a comfy sit down meal and great music... Schnippers!!! They have awesome chocolate milkshakes and free refills on pop. They also have large clean toilets! Knowing where to find the clean toilets in NYC is always a good thing. You can't just mosey in and use them, you have to buy something - but with an extensive menu, this isn't a problem! Next trip to Schnippers, I'm getting the chicken strips. Those looked sooooo yummy!!! I did gorge myself on french fries tho!

After a nice leisurely time at Schnippers we headed to the lower east side to The Noodle Bar. The Noodle Bar is a pan Asian type eatery. You can't pin down exactly what kind of "Asian" Food they do, because they have such good and diverse stuff. I got the crab rangoon and mango lassi. This was the thickest mango lassi I've ever drank!! The crab rangoon was mouthwatering!! My AC/DC devil got the Wanchi Veggi sandwich and even a die hard carnivore like myself drooled over it! The wait staff were friendly, quick, and good looking! They do have a menu online and I suggest perusing it before you go and there is so much to choose from! Next time I'm either getting the Honey Roasted Duck Soba or the Pan Fried Dumplings!

From here we went to AND JERSEY FOR ALL's favourite place!!! Juniors for cheesecake!! We love cheesecake and we love Juniors!!! The cheese cake is so dense and they give you such a big piece, it took me three days to eat it, and even then I had to give my nephew some!!! Juniors is across from the Shubert Theatre: Broadway and 45th (Times Square). They have two alcoves if you just want to run up, get cheesecake and dash. And an expansive indoor sit down deal. They also have out door seating. Be prepared! Juniors is ALWAYS packed, so be prepared to wait to be seated. Many people go here after their show has let out and that is the busiest time!!! But it's totally worth the wait.

From here we met up with more AJFAllers at TWINS!! You may remember TWINS from the Metallica Bash 2009 or the many TWINS bashes Crew does for the IMOFC. This is a great pub; comfy, awesome food, great music, homey atmosphere. This is a place where people erupt spontaneously into song! Even tho on Saturday's it's open until 4am, we caught the 0122 train heading back to South Jersey!

Grub Crawling isn't as expensive as some might think. A comprehensive list complete with times, addresses, and links to menu items is posted well in advance. Including train from Hamilton to NYC, I spent less than $100 on the day's outting. With proper planning and not gorging yourself, a great food filled day can be had. You don't have to stay the whole time, drop in and out of the Grub Crawl as your schedule dictates! Another Grub Crawl is definitely in the works and everyone is invited!! And yes, it WILL BE FANCY DRESS!!! (as those are the best ones to have!) Mondo hugs, kisses, and face licks from the chapter with the mostest - AND JERSEY FOR ALL!!!!!!


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