the Stooges at Sonisphere 2010

Iggy of course blew contemporaries off the stage. He's psychotic. I love him. He scares me!
They played Raw Power, Search and Destroy, 1970, Fun House, I Got a Right, I Wanna Be Your Dog, and No Fun among others.

What was disturbing to me was the amount of children being pulled from the pit. I've taken my nephew to concerts and to be sure, he's even seen the Stooges. But he was a sight more than 7,8, or 9 which was the age of some of the kids being pulled out of the throbbing masses who were pushing forward and moshing. Their parents were pulled out as well along with someone who looked suspiciously like a grand parent.

The bass player, Mike Watt is my new "hero". He did the entire set in a frankenstein knee brace. That sucker went from his groin to his ankle! I know he had to be in some kind of pain but he was in the pocket their entire set! He was carried off at one point. Returned!!!! Finished the set and then they brought out crutches for him. Fucking Mental!!!


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