Shrapnel and Collapse

This was fun to shoot. I ended up double booked and pressed for time. I had the signing tent for Ensulferum and Shrapnel at the same time. Lucky the sining was running late and the pit security for Shrapnel let me shoot for as long as I wanted. I ran back to the signing tent then over to catch Collapse. I'm very glad the distances are short and the boots are comfy. Unfortunately, the uploader is being a bugger bear for pictures. Check out photographs of Bloodstock 2010 bands on my Facebook page. Be sure to "like" or become a "fan" or whatever it is you have to do: JUST DO IT!!!!!!

Labouring under the bad lighting of the “New Blood Stage”, I had the pleasure of catching the band SHRAPNEL. They were awesome, raw, and full of energy. Good old fashioned heavy metal or thrash (what ever you’d like to call it). Not a lot of talking between songs. They didn’t need to. They let the music do the talking. Shrapnel has quite a following as the tent was crowded, but not unpleasant. There was plenty of room for the circle pit, which broke out at random intervals.

A good friend of mine told me to check out COLLAPSE. She even sent me a picture of the lead singer so I’d know who I was looking for. They launched into their metal massacre on the Sophie Lancaster Stage at 1700 hours. Playing a blistering 40 minute set, the lead singer, Duncan, prowled from left to right and back again like a caged animal. More good old fashioned heavy metal. No cookie monster growling. No make up. No pretentiousness. Just strait ahead rock.


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