My Sonisphere Weekend

Can you get a more generic title? I know. It's sophomoric. But it's taken a week to get the pictures and video sorted. I didn't camp. Are you nuts? I stayed in Enfield Chase. My mates stayed in Stevenage. If you are planning to go next year and want comfort but don't want to pay Stevenage prices. Look for hotels in Finsbury Park area. The trains run from Stevenage to Finsbury Park late at night and it's a darn sight closer than staying in Kings Cross. But the hotel prices won't gouge you. Easy enough to get from either place to Stevenage.

I had a weekend ticket even though I only went Saturday and Sunday. I spent Friday in Dublin at Maiden. On the rail. Making goo-goo eyes at Adrian Smith *******swoon********* But that's another story for another time.

The only camera I took was a small Nikon Coolpix. I don't particularly like this camera. It only has pictures - no numbers. I can't set the shutter speed or aperture. It was an impulse buy based on stupid commercials. But it does video. So I have what I have and use what I use. The pictures are ok and the video is low quality. But it was functional. I took several videos and have posted / will post them here.

The stages at Knebworth were artfully arranged. Nothing was to far a walk. In certain spots, you can hear 4 different stages and not even move! LOL The middle had lots of shoppes and good things for sale. Yes some of the prices were a bit outlandish - but when you've a stall and are traveling from place to place you need to set your prices to cover expenses. I did buy a freaking cool dress with matching socks. Before you choke, let me say that the dress goes with my neon green canvas converse! Food - the only thing I touched was the pork, as seen in the video. That was a good get. My mate ate some fish and chips. He seemed healthy enough! LOL But festival food is festival food all around the world (well, except Roskilde and that is in a league of its own.) For two days I ate rubbish: biscuits (cookies for the yanks), sweet tarts, water, coca cola, DP, bagels (well, a pale imitation of a bagel as I bought it at Tesco's), and Tesco sausage rolls ("room" temperature as they were squashed in my purse).

Apocolyptica played an amazing set. Metal Cellos! LOL They did have a singer for a few tracks but I never caught his name. Skunk Anancie killed it. I can not emphasize enough how amazing this band is and always has been. I've had their music for more than a decade but never had the chance to see them live. Skin has the most amazing voice. They whip the audience into a frenzy and have a wide diverse array of fans! They have a new album coming out in September with a tour to follow. I then puttered around until Rammstein. I actually made a little over 5 quid (about $7) returning cups. I'm a lightweight or rather quite lazy. You can make some good dosh on the weekend returning the cups. You get 10p per cup (about 15cents) and it's quite easy to get them as many people throw them on the ground. Got into the front barrier for Rammstein and met up with some newly found Maiden fans and one large banana! LOL Sunday was back to back bands: Alice in Chains, Slayer, Sweet Savage, The Stooges, Iron Maiden and I found a "new" band in one of the smaller tents that I quite liked. Inner City Dwellers reminded me of Rage Against the Machine. I made about 17 quid today ($21 ish) But I was still being lazy. I saw some kid make 3 deposit runs while I was standing around jaw jacking. He had easily 100 cups each time - so he pulled in a good 30 quid in a little over a half hour! I hear tell you can make several hundred quid in the weekend by returning cups.

The holiday isn't quite over yet. Enjoy the videos and pictures. Let me know what you think!


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