Iron Maiden 11 July 2010

Iron Maiden rolled thru the North-East last week and it's taken me all this time to figure out what to say. It would be a pointless blog to say I was a bit bored. Yep. The set list was not the best one for my listening pleasure. Weak as dish water was how I described it to a mate of mine. Don't get me wrong. I love LOVE Maiden. But with a good 150-ish songs not counting covers, they have a plethora of tunes to choose from. And this was the set list I got.

1. Wicker Man (great opening. got crowd on feet. looking forward to the night.)
2. Ghost of The Navigator (strong song. but energy starting to wain. already.)
3. Wrathchild (classic. always a winner.)
4. El Dorado (sounds better live. but still think it's a Heart rip off.)
5. Dance of Death (why? I sang along. but it was perfunctory.)
6. Benjamin Breeg (did they play this? really? i soooo don't remember them playing this song? was i there?)
7. Colours Don't Run (ahhh nicely done.)
8. Blood Brothers (dedicated to Ronnie James Dio. always a powerful song.)
9. Wildest Dream (how does this one go again?)
10. No More Lies (to which i sang... no more rice. and something about spam.)
11. Brave New World (i like this line in "Stranger in A Strange Land". should've played SISL.)
12. Fear of The Dark (of course.)
13. Iron Maiden (of course.)
14. Number of the Beast (loved it. as usual.)
15. Hollowed Be Thy Name (loved it. as usual. strong finish from the Maiden boys.)
16. Running Free (see note)

**** Running Free - boy I LOVE this song. Have done since I first heard it. You can not go wrong with this in the setlist. Or can you? Much like a handful of shows in 80s where RF came 2nd to last before Drifter or Sanctuary - RF closed the PNC show. As a song it totally rocks, but I felt it lacked teeth. There was no swagger here. No tuffness. No grit. It lacked the punch you would expect from a song like this. It lacked the punch of the last time they played the song. It lacked.... Paul Di'Anno.

My Maiden Malaise did give me an opportunity to "play" with my camera settings. I was able to shoot in ISO100 at 1/40 f5.7 and get some surprisingly workable shots. Here is a view of some of the spoils from the night. If you like them, go over to the EVENT page at my photostockplus site.


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