Stand Up and Shout

Just got in from Ronnie James Dio's memorial. Didn't know what to expect as I don't as a general rule do funerals. Too much sadness. Too much grief. I was one of the 200 or so that got wristbands to be inside. There were flowers every where and pictures of Ronnie. They had a table with a huge banner and sharpies so people could leave their thoughts.

Rush and Motorhead and the Hear N Aid project was played as people filled in. What was unexpected was the red rose draped coffin that held DIO. So kids as young as 7 and as old as 70 could pay their respect. They came in basi black. They came in Dio t-shirts. In ripped jeans and sliced shirts. The 80s called and wants its clothes back. Along the rear of the hall and on stage were banners fans had made through out the years. One from Brazil. Ireland.

Wendy and family along with close friends were in the front rows. But as Big Scott or Turbo says... (Sic)" Ronnie thought of you as his equal...right by his side". Scott Warren opened the memorial with a beautiful piano piece: This Is Your Life.Eddy Trunk was master of ceremony as it were. "...friend, legend,icon, and one hell of a singer." Dio' son, Dan "I have my father's height" Padavona, gave a moving and urgent speech about getting tested for cancer early. He rallied against cancer calling it ..."A dragon even Dio couldn't slay".

In musical tribute Claude Schnell and Oni Logan played "Homeward" and "Sitting in a Dream". Rudy Sarzo, Rick Hunter, Stuart Smith played "Catch a Rainbow" and "Rainbow Eyes". John Payne from Asia played an acoustic rendition of "Heaven and Hell" that gave me chills. Joey Belladonna sang "Man on a Silver Mountain". Paul Shortino sang Ronnie's favourite John Lennon song "Places I Remember". In turn, Dio's favourite singer, Glenn Hughes, sang "Coast to Coast". Geoff Tate sang an amazing rendition of "Hallelujah". Glenn Hughes closed the ceremony with "Catch the Rainbow" that moved us to tears- as if we needed another reason. WOW

As Adam Parsons said:..."The soundtrack of their lives was Ronnie James Dio"... Wendy Dio took the stage briefly to tearfully say thank you. We thank you! Thank You to Wendy and Ronnie for sharing their hearts and souls with us. Thank you for the music. Thank you for the memories.

Ronnie James Dio
Rest In Peace
Rock In Peace


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