3 Countries 3 Days 3 Hundred Euros

Where is your erstwhile Traveler off to now? 3 Countries 3 Days 3 Hundred Euros!!! I polled my family and friends a month ago when I had this brilliant idea. I had them vote where I should go next. I fell into the trap of visiting the same places. Sleeping on the same sofas. Drinking at the same coffee houses. I fell into a rut and needed to break free. It was to the dismay of my friends who enjoy me on the sofa and drinking coffee. So I struck a compromise. I shifted the dates of my excursion!

Then I found a gem on the world wide web!!! I decided to try to integrate this idea into my own insane plan to Travel the World!!! Just because it's here!

IF you give me $600 I will go to Spain, Italy, and Greece and send you a post card from each place. My trip is scheduled for mid August and the goal is to spend 24 hours (and only 24 hours) in each country and only spend 100 euros while there, That's about $125 a day. The amount does NOT include airfare which is why I need $600. I can buy tickets from Easy Jet for $300. The 100 Euro a day includes: food, transportation, lodging and post cards! LOL

You can donate any amount, but, I'll ONLY send post cards to those who donate more than $10. You can follow my exploits here AND on my Facebook page Kerridwen2000

Thank you for participating!!!!


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