On your own in Al Ain, UAE

So it's pretty much official. We got the keys to the flat very late last night. I signed the flat lease tonite and delivered it to the housing dude. So now we are on our own. ^shrugs^ The flats aren't clean, the molding and caulking are atrocious. They were thrown up in a hurry with no rhyme or reason. There is only one person for the housing in Al Ain and there are at least three more groups and families from the first wave he's got to house. . . Good luck with that. So I think I've got off a bit easier than he has. LOL I can hit the ACE hardware store and buy caulking and silicone and recaulk the flat. It needs it!! We are thinking of hiring someone to come and clean the flats. It's pretty bad. LOL It's still construction dirty. A mate called the building supervisor and the supervisor answered in English. As soon as it was clear that it was a new tenant and that stuff needed finishing and fixing - then the dude could no longer understand or speak english. Classic!

Still don't have the passport with the residency visa. So can't hire a car yet. This is the limbo part. The company isn't answering any one's emails or phone calls. I know they are overwhelmed with new hires but dang - get those who have been here out and finished before starting something new. But that's just me. I realize not everyone is blessed with Danish efficiency. It'll get sorted.

Ramadan isn't helping at all. The whole city seems to shut down from like 1pm to 8 pm. All the shoppes are closed and no one is doing any type of work. It's annoying when you have things to do! I'm doing good with the eating. I make sure I have plenty throughout the day and will excuse myself to the lavatory to drink water or eat a nutri-grain bar. Luckily when we have those stupid pointless meetings there is a break room that people can go have lunch in. Not being able to buy a meal until 8pm means that my eating schedule is fubar. I'll sometimes have a meal at like 9 or 10 at night. And won't go to bed until like 2am and not even realize it's that late. Can't wait until Ramadan is over, the flats get clean, I get moved in.

The video is in two parts. There are some specific questions I have about drainage and structure and stuff. If you know the answers please shoot me an email.


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