4th and Long

I think everyone should be watching 4th and Long with Michael Irvin. It's on SPIKE TV on Monday nights. It's focused on the SPORT!! It's all about the tryout and not about weirdo freaks mugging for the camera. These guys are athletes! They compete for a spot at the Cowboys training camp. Love 'em or hate 'em (the Cowboys that is) This show is eclipsing UFC which has turned into a gong show for retards. Any sport try out show should stay focused on the sport. That's why I watched the short lived WWF show. That's why I fell in love with UFC. I own the Tito season!!! (on vhs) It was all about CARDIO - showing work outs, showing drills - stuff you could rewind or slow down and practice at home. The current season of Ultimate Fighter has totally jumped the shark, the whale and architeuthis. It SUX!!! To much about prats mugging for the camera behaving as if they have NO home training. Their mum's must be proud. They've raised ill mannered whingy cunts who misbehave in public. A lot of them, I'm SURE have brought shame to their family. UGH!! 4th and Long is refreshing. It's ALL about practicing and drilling and working out. When I was little I wanted to be on the Dallas Cowboys under Tom Landry. I was going to be the greatest defensive player that ever graced Texas Stadium. Watching this show makes what I did in 8th grade look like a Sunday School nature hike. It's intense. It really breaks down football for DB and WR. They really go into the drills and what is expected of American Football players. I know this may be the only season as they are going to pick one athlete and invite him to training camp. But this IS a groovy show. Not sure this would work any where else - ok ok ok OTHER than Philly when they did it in the 80s - the open call to any players to come and try out. LOL But it works for me. You should watch.


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