Summer Breeze

Twenty days back in the states and I'm already plotting my escape. Doesn't take long. My excuse is Boxing Day matches - Chelsea of course, and RSC is moving the production of Hamlet to London in November. Yes, Patrick Stewartand David Tennant were that brilliant. Oliver Ford Davies is now my favourite Polonius interpretation. He's part doddering uncle who tells the same story over and over and over and over again only to get lost halfway through the telling; part over protective father willing to do what it takes to shelter his daughter; part co-conspirator. He was gobsmackingly brilliant. I don't need to prattle on about Patrick Stewart. He's been with RSC since the 60s. His portrayal of Claudius as an 80s type Wall Street business tycoon complete with pinstripe suits was spot on. Tennant exploded as Hamlet. His soliloquy was delivered in Levi's, a red t-shirt, and bare feet. Such rage and tenderness and madness.

But I am off topic.
It's Friday.
1453 hours.
29 degrees
I'm sitting in a fold up chair on the porch, the dog in the shade as well watching the world go by. This would be a perfect day for caravanning. Or sitting in Leicester Square. Or even hanging about Surrey and Greenland Docks. Even in Leeds with my mates who are enjoying a day of festival merry making and a Metallica show this evening or rather now as it's just struck 8pm. A day to be any where but in New Jersey fobbing off things I have to do.

But Goldy is happy to be able to hang about outside. Monday. Monday I will sort out the last of the work stuff. Meetings on the 28th and the 2nd and 3rd with the kids coming back the 4th. Summer is almost over. Quickly coming to a close and all I can think about is the next spate of days off.

Nice days off are so much better when this.... is your view: Stratford Upon Avon


-mari- said…
Thats your view? Great!

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