Ah the Things I have Forgotten

Someone once said "I have forgotten more things than you ever knew." Or something to that effect. It was a movie, of course, and the line has always stuck in my mind. Why random lines from movies stick, when other things such as paying bills, where I put the car keys, birthdays, and just about everything else falls into that random black hole void in my head is unknown.

I do realize that I haven't blogged about Stratford or the Dr Who exhibit at Earl's Court, Stamford Bridge, the Wedding, Caravanning, or visiting family in Dublin. I have literally hundreds of pictures that have already been sorted and burned (not printed for my scrap book - yes, I'm that obsessive, but it is a valid art form. Just wander into any barn at any county or state fair and you see what I aspire to. It's not easy! But I figure the twins: Jack and Molly, Goldy and Casey prefer having pens and paper all over the table than sharing their space with cows. )

Since most of you have seen Blink 2.0, I shall start with the trip to the Earl's Court exhibition center and the Dr Who exhibit. The easiest way to the exhibition center is to take the district line to West Brompton. You exit the tube station and walk across the street. Easy Peasy. The exhibit was in the basement. It only covered seasons 28, 29, and 30. There were plenty of props and small kiosks that gave an over view of the season, episode by episode. There were even stations where you got a glimpse into the special effects that went into making the show.

My favourite parts were seeing the Face of Boe (and we all know who that is don't we!), K9, and the Weeping Angels. The Ood portion was great as well. There were about five plexiglass encasements that depicted creating an Ood mask from start to finish. The amount of work that went into creating the creatures is astounding. There is so much detail into making it look realistic. The Oos, as I'm sure you saw, had eyes that blink, "eyebrows" that arch; their faces were quite animated. That takes more than just an actor in a rubber mask. Yet the marriage of actor and puppeteer is so seemless, when you watch, you take for granted the number of people that made the scenes possible. I also enjoyed looking at the costumes. You get a very distorted picture of the body types of people watching them on the television. I'm always "surprised" by how "short" many actors are in "real life". LOL Looking at the wedding dress from The Runaway Bride and the outfits from Family of Blood - Catherine Tate is my size (plus the boobage) and Freema Agymon is a pixie. She is very VERY small (as evidenced by her costumes).

The next three pictures I have been told are the most disturbing. Call it an awakening of childhood fears or superstition or just plain creepiness - the characters forthcoming elicited an uneasiness amongst many viewers.

And now for something completely different.....

Not sure what to say here. It's Chelsea FC!!! It's Stamford Bridge. It's my mecca. To think, on this spot once stood a stadium that saw well over 100,000 people gather to watch a match. On this spot, a club and it's debts was sold for a quid. From dizzying highs to devastating lows and still Chelsea and Stamford Bridge forged on. My how we've grown.

Like a moth to a flame, every time I've ever been to London, since 1995, I make tracks to Stamford Bridge. The grounds have changed, the tour guides have changed, the Megastore has changed, the museum has changed but the spirit of Chelsea has remained. It's a much aligned club and as such has caught flack from supporters and detractors. Since the club has got a bit of dosh in the coffers, the detractors like roaches are scurrying out of the cracks. Not bad for a club that was in danger of being relegated from Division 2 football. I can only snigger at those that accuse us of "buying" our trophies and players. Of course we buy players - just like everyone else who has a football team. We do our best to buy the best players, although there is disagreement on who is best. But at the end of the day it's all about who's on the pitch, the fortitude of our starting 11.

Both of these excursions - Dr. Who exhibit and Stamford Bridge I did on one day as you can see Stamford Bridge from the exhibition center. I did have a bit of a visa faux pas in the Megastore. LOL But as I buy gear once a year, I'm sure it can be forgiven. Besides, I bought things that I had wanted but couldn't afford on other trips (thank the footy godz for sales) and things that had been on "the list" for ages (my tie). After such a long day, I do believe I took my spoils and headed home. I was a goodly Monday.


-mari- said…
Ok, The kitties and puppy are cute and the dwarf statue is totally creepy!

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