Sunday, December 29, 2013

Malakyte - Human Resonance

There is no way this could be the band's first full length album. It's just too damn good. Ever have that problem? You are listening to a band and you can't manage to pick your jaw up off the floor? Well then you need to hear Malakyte's "Human Resonance". It's a blistering head banging kill fest. This album is meant to be played on 11. It's meant to make your neighbours shudder in fear. It's meant to be listened to whilst driving very very fast. "Human Resonance" is just pounding and unrelenting. I can only imagine the carnage this album generates when Malakyte play it live. It's an open love letter to classic circle pits.

The album starts with a beautiful song entitled '7.8'. It's gobsmackingly gorgeous. Then all hell breaks lose with  'Embodiment'. Laggy and Dalton Quade Wilson just nail it on guitars. They are shredding it. it's sweet mana to your ears. Tommy Muz reminds me of Bobby Ellsworth. This song is killer. You just bang your head all the way through.

'Fall to Khaos' is another guitar laden song. It has a Metallica / Slayer vibe. It's wicked and heavy. L.G. and Trip Walker are a rhythm section force. 'Fall to Khaos' has so much power and low end. The heaviness is palpable. 'Flood of Flames' has some wicked jazzy bass riffs from Trip. Then it just explodes in a frenzied "I'm coming to get you, Barbara!" type of scene. I shot out of my seat and just head banging and circle pitted in my tiny Korean flat. My next door neighbour was not amused. Especially at 1:23 when I frakking cranked the bass wickedness up to ear bleeding levels! 'Flood of Flames' has so many what the fuck moments it's crazy!

'Inbetween Terminals' has this groove and feel that your body has felt before. But Malakyte adds something different, distinct to the mix that keeps you engaged and in love. It's another song that has this wild eyed uncontrollable movement to it. But underlying it all is ... HEAVY!!!! I really just want to scream bloody murder right now! That's how much 'Inbetween Terminals' gets into your head.

I could go on and describe the rest of Malakyte's "Human Resonance" to you. But I won't. I really really really want you to go buy this album!

Human Resonance on Bandcamp get it directly from Malakyte and it's only $7 AUD and the band gets the money straight away!
Human Resonance on iTunes  Dudes, it's only $9.99
Human Resonance at Amazon merely $8.99

Seriously! You have got to ring in the new year with this most blistering ear bleeding heart pounding album! Malakyte's "Human Resonance" has me foaming at the mouth! It's just that damn good.

Whitemare - Screamer

Whitemare's "Screamer" is a fun romp through music that was released on Riot House Records back in November. It's  It's only twelve minutes long, but it's a corker. The opening track 'Elm Grave' puts you in a Janis Joplin type mood. It's very 60s until the vocals kick in and then you've got this grungy punk southern rock thing. It's head banging and toe tapping. 'Elm Grave' is raw and stripped down. "Screamer" is a fun little EP that just puts you in a good mood. Whitemare sports Matt Johnson on vocals, Al Kilcullen on guitar, Eugene Economou on drums, and Lewis Porter on bass. The music and lyrics are strait forward and in your face. Whitemare's "Screamer" is an EP you want to play at your next party. 'Scene-agers' has the added bonus of some Jerry Lee Lewis inspired piano playing. It's a nice touch. 'Deadbeat Street' is a classic pogo song. OMG this got me hopping about the flat. The bass breakdown at 51 seconds pumps you up and the slide guitar at 1:06 is bitchin'. I want to see these guys live! My favourite track by far, being a card carrying Metallica club member since 1998 is 'Metallicaz Playing At My House'. It's frakking bitchin'! As the song says, it's some kind of monster. And just like that, twelve minutes past and "Screamer" is over. I think I shall play it again and let the shenanigans continue!

Iskald - Nedorm og Norg

I've always been a sucker for Scandinavian music. For some absurd reason, they just tend to do more with the metal genre. Enter the great white cold Norway. Just the name sends shivers down my spine. There is much anticipation listening to anything coming from this country. The album "Nedom og Nord" is yet another offering that send shivers down one's spine. "Nedom og Nord" is the fourth album from Iskald. Iskald have yet another bold and sweeping album that encapsulates what it means to be Norwegian. To wit, "Nedom og Nord" is Iskald's tribute to their home country. Norwegian and European fans of Iskald can pick up the disk on January 13th via Indie Recordings. The rest of the world gets it on the 17th of January.

Simon Larsen and Aage Krekling created an enveloping album that assaults the senses. "Nedom og Nord" transports you to the Norwegian landscape. It's more about a visceral experience than just listening to a bunch of songs. Says drummer Aage Krekling, “I believe these six tracks contains more soul and character that before. At the same time the songs can be described as more complex and studied. The recordings where done all by ourselves in our own studio in Bodø. This worked out better than expected and the tracking was the easiest ever done. We managed to define our “new” sound early on, and with the help of Studio 210 once again I believe we have crafted out some really fresh and awesome sounding black metal that should appeal to every fan of the genre.”

'A Fading Horizon' creates an atmosphere of tension mixed with anticipation. Simon Larsen's vocals are practically demonic. 'A Fading Horizon' seems to capture what it feels like to get lost and freeze to death in a beautiful environment. At least, that is the visual I get from listening to the track. Some of the changes are a little jarring but it only leads to heighten the effect of the song.

A few of the songs are sung in the native Norwegian which  makes them even more otherworldly. The track 'Iskald' is an amazing composition that is rich in layers and harmony. 'Iskald' has a dream like quality to it that makes it an unbelievable track. What's even more gobsmacking is that Simon Larsen handles both guitar and bass duties on the album. Larson is truly a talented musician.

'Nidingsdad' is a head trip. So much is happening musically, it's like being in a blizzard. The overall tone of the song is menacing. 'Nidingsdad' swallows you whole. The composition is complex and dazzlingly brilliant.

"Nedom og Nord" is an amazing album that is full and rich and deep. Simon Larson and Aage Krekling have outdone themselves and created a disk to be proud of!

Iskald Official

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dismemberment - Embrace the Dark

Dismemberment. I like the band because I like bands that play super frenetic doomy heavy metal. "Embrace the Dark" is the first full length release from this Ohio band. "Embrace the Dark" is set to be released on February 1, 2014 - in my opinion it makes the perfect Valentine's Day Gift!  Luke Shively, Jacob Shively, J.D. Henderly, and Taylor Emerine have tapped into the beating pulse of the genre. It's nothing new or groundbreaking, but "Embrace the Dark" is a solid album. It's hard to believe that these guys are unsigned! They have the chops and the sound that will take them far in the metal world.

Listening to 'Archaic Wisdom' I'm struck by the technicallity of the musicians. They are tight AND accurate. Not a note is out of place. The guitars put Maiden's guitar trio to shame. The overall tone of the guitars is highlighted here. Shively and Shively have mixed up a home brew in guitar playing that I predict will be the highlight of the year. You can't listen to 'Archaic Wisdom' and not go "Duuuuuuude, really?!"

'Labyrinth' is another favourite. Just the opening bass riff gets me going. The more I listen to it, the more I dig the harmony in the guitars. It's a stark contrast to the bombastic drumming. It's like oil and water trying to mix. 'Labyrinth' is fascinating to listen to. It's a track that will be played over and over and over again. There is an elegant beauty to the composition, it's culminated at 3 minutes by the guitar solo.

'Anathema' is another homage to Slayer. "Embrace the Dark" has quite a few of these. Dismemberment seems to take the concepts and riffs of Slayer and then push them to eleven. 'Anathema' is a nice chunky, evil, dark tune. Luke Shively has shades of Carl McCoy. Shively is deliciously wicked!

OK - and for the last time, I promise; the guitar work of Shively and Shively.... best guitar duo ever!!! 'Monolithic Impurity' = guitar heaven.

Everything about "Embrace the Dark" works. It's the best forty-minutes you'll spend of your life. When the album drops in February, Dismemberment is a buy! A definite buy for people who love their metal heavy. A buy for people who love top notch guitar work. A buy for people who love music! Check them out! Tell your friends!

Dismemberment on Facebook
Dismemberment on Bandcamp

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Top 13 Albums of 2013

Ahhhh 2013! As you come to a close, it's time to ruminate over what the best of the best was. Of course, it's no easy task. Hundreds of Albums. Thousands of Gigs. Uncountable Blood Sweat and Tears. But here it is. What you've all been waiting for.

The Top 13 Albums of 2013

#13 Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods
Throbbing. Evil. Malevolent. Hypnotic. 

#12 Suicidal Angels - Eternal Damnation
The music nightmares are made of. Scary and heavy. The guitars... oh, the feels! The FEELS!!!

#11 Shai Hulud - Reach Beyond the Sun
Music made to pit to. Can heavy metal be smooth? Whilst still retaining an "I wanna fuck shit up" vibe? I think so. 

#10 System Annihilated - Furor
Riffage upon riffage. A metal head's delight!

#9 Cara Neir - Portraits to a Better Dead World
Music that rips into your soul and shreds it to pieces.

#8 Beastwars - Blood Becomes Fire
Beastwars gives you heavy and creepy and chilling. A moving album from start to finish. 

#7 Blodig Alvor - Morkets Frembrudd
Worthy of musicianship by musicians twice their age. Blodig Alvor got it going on!

#6 Hate Squad - You're Not My Fucking God: Best of 20 Years of Raging Hate
It's Hate Squad. I'm sorry, they are just the frakking awesome! This just reiterates it. 

#5 Finntroll - Blodsvept
A heavy fun romp through the world of music. Not to be missed.

#4 Warbringer - IV: Empires Collapse
Gobsmacking in every way!

#3 As They Burn - Will.Love.Life
Killer grooves! Head banging deliciousness!

#2 Russkaja - Energia!
Crazy out of this world hyper kinetic fun!

#1 The Browning - Hypernova
An infectious groove laden album that is totally boss from start to finish. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Volbeat - Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies

Volbeat have settled into a nice formula for the release of "Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies". You have the guest vocalist that notches up the heavy. You have the soothing non-offensive guitar tones that lulls you into a peaceful place. You have strong vocals. You have great stories in the lyrics.  Mike Poulsen reveals "Half of the album tracks will take you into the world of outlaw gunslinger stories sometime in the 1800s. Some of the characters are true legends, while others are fiction. The listener will hear inspiration from classic spaghetti western movies which gives you a clue to the album title and cover artwork." There is not a hair out of place on "Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies". Five albums in (not counting "Live From Beyond Hell / Above Heaven") and Volbeat are coasting. They have a solid fan base and are able to tour the world as headliners. Gone from "Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies" is the new and different feel. If you've been a Volbeat fan for a long time, as I have, each album brought just a tad bit different feel to the table. You heard something new from "Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood" to "Beyond Hell / Above Heaven". They pushed the envelope in terms of sound and style. With "Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies", the unique style has solidified and you've got ... a VOLBEAT album. "Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies" is exactly what you'd expect form a VOLBEAT album. It's the sound of VOLBEAT. It's the vibe of VOLBEAT. For the few out there that haven't been riding the Volbeat train, "Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies" is the perfect starter album to come in and hear what people have been raving about for years.

Musing on Music - Centerlink

Centerlink grabbed me with the opening riffs of "Distant Voices". It has that schmarmy groove of early Hollywood hair metal. But the good hair metal. The guitars are steady and the bass is heavy. Parky, lead singer, has shades of James Hetfield but with a Vince Neil sneer. It's a deeper heavier vocal than Neil, but definitely channels the wickedness.  "Distant Voices" reminds me of Motley Crue when Motley Crue were good and heavy. This three piece hails from Boston and have been together since 2006. Rounding out Centerlink are Jon Carota on bass Billy K.  I predict more damn groovilicious music from Centerlink!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Savage Messiah - The Fateful Dark

Just when I thought I had my 2013 top album list completed, Savage Messiah go and muss up my calculations! Lucky for me the album won't be released until 2014: You can pick it up from Earache Records on March 10th in Europe and in the USA March 18 via Century Media / Earache. Still,  I am quite put out by Savage Messiah and "The Fateful Dark". How dare they go and make a gobsmacking amazing follow up to "Plague of Conscience". The album has everything a metal head yearns for this Christmas. Dave Silver and Joff Bailey are tight as fuck on guitars. Andrea Gorio is pounding the shite out of the drums. Every song is hard hitting and heavy as fuck. Savage Messiah have perfected the art of the heavy metal album. There is just no way to listen to "The Fateful Dark" and not bang your head.

Warbringer - IV Empires Collapse

Warbringer is back with another album and yet another way to totally blow your frakking musical mind. "IV: Empires Collapse" is an amazing amalgam of tunage. There are shades of Iron Maiden and  shades of Slayer. But this is all Warbringer. Every song flows from one to the other with in an unceasing  cascade of metal. There are amazing layers and subtleties to John Laux and Jeff Potts guitar work. It's almost as if they are inside a Jaeger and are sharing one mind. It's flawless execution!  John Kevill helms the vocal duties with the perfect metal voice. If you've not bought a Warbringer album you've done yourself a great disservice. Repent and go forth to purchase "IV: Empires Collapse". The Evil DJ in your brain will thank you. 

Warbringer Music
Warbringer Facebook

Track List:
1. Horizon
2. The Turning Of The Gears
3. One Dimension
4. Hunter-Seeker
5. Black Sun, Black Moon
6. Scars Remain
7. Dying Light
8. Iron City
9. Leviathan
10. Off With Their Heads!
11. Towers Of The Serpent

Warbringer does what Warbringer does best on the road. Catch them in 2014 as they tear they way through Europe.

Presented by Rock Hard, Guitar, Rocks &
09.01.2014 Saarbrücken (Germany) - Garage
10.01.2014 Hengelo (The Netherlands) - Metropol
11.01.2014 Antwerp (Belgium) - Trix
12.01.2014 Birmingham (England) - O2 Academy
13.01.2014 Dublin (Ireland) - Button Factory
14.01.2014 London (England) - O2 Academy Islington
15.01.2014 Paris (France) - Le Trabendo
17.01.2014 Madrid (Spain) - Sala Caracol
18.01.2014 Lisbon (Portugal) - Paradise Garage
19.01.2014 Valencia (Spain) - Rock City
20.01.2014 Barcelona (Spain) - Razzmatazz 2
22.01.2014 Pratteln (Switzerland) - Z7
23.01.2014 Romagnano (Italy) - Rock 'n' Roll Arena
24.01.2014 Ljubljana (Slovenia) - Kino Siska
25.01.2014 Zagreb (Croatia) - Pogon Jedinstvo
26.01.2014 Sarajevo (Bosnia) - Club Sloga
28.01.2014 Bucarest (Romania) - Silver Church
29.01.2014 Istanbul (Turkey) - Kucukciftlik Park
31.01.2014 Athens (Greece) - Gagarin 205
01.02.2014 Thessaloniki (Geece) - Principal Club
02.02.2014 Sofia (Bulgaria) - Mixtape 5
04.02.2014 Belgrade (Serbia) - Dom Omladine
05.02.2014 Budapest (Hungary) - Club 202
06.02.2014 Wien (Austria) - Szene
07.02.2014 Nürnberg (Germany) - Rockfabrik
08.02.2014 Zlin (Czech Republic) - Masters Of Rock
09.02.2014 München (Germany) - Backstage Werk
11.02.2014 Berlin (Germany) - Astra
12.02.2014 Köln (Germany) - Essigfabrik
13.02.2014 Bochum (Germany) - Zeche
14.02.2014 Osnabrück (Germany) - Rosenhof
15.02.2014 Hamburg (Germany) - Markthalle
16.02.2014 Copenhagen (Denmark) - Vega
18.02.2014 Gothenburg (Sweden) - Sticky Fingers
19.02.2014 Stockholm (Sweden) - Debaser Medis

Xibalba - Soledad

A blaring cacophony of noise awaits all who enter the world of Xibalba. "Soledad" is taken from their 2012 album Hasta La Muerte on Southern Lord. The video is culled from a brutal tour schedule and to wit, you can feel the pull of the live stage just listening and looking at the track. "Soledad" is heavy. The tone of the guitars is punishing. "Soledad" is a track to get the circle pit happening. It's just a damn good track!

But have no fear. If you missed that epic tour, you can catch them back on the road in 2014.

XIBALBA Tour Dates:
2/15/2014 East Side Joe's - Las Vegas, NV
2/16/2014 Salt Haus - Salt Lake City, UT
2/17/2014 Helms Deep - Denver, CO
2/18/2014 Jackpot Saloon - Lawrence, KS
2/19/2014 A220 East - Cedar Falls, IA
XIBALBA w/ Comeback Kid, Backtrack, Downpresser, To The Wind:
2/20/2014 Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL
2/21/2014 The Pyramid Scheme - Grand Rapids, MI
2/22/2014 Pike Room - Pontiac, MI
2/23/2014 Agora Theater - Cleveland, OH
2/25/2014 Middle East - Boston, MA
2/26/2014 Santos Party Haus - New York, NY
2/27/2014 Empire - West Springfield, VA
2/28/2014 Reverb - Reading, PA
3/01/2014 The Casbah - Charlotte, NC
3/02/2014 Rockettown - Nashville, TN
3/04/2014 The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
3/05/2014 Epic Problem - Tampa, FL
3/06/2014 Backbooth - Orlando, FL
3/07/2014 Speakeasy - Lake Worth, FL
3/08/2014 Atticus Bar - Jacksonville, FL
3/09/2014 The Forge - Birmingham, AL
3/10/2014 Goodtime Charlie - Tupelo, MS
3/12/2014 Never Say Never Festival - McAllen, TX
3/14/2014 TBA - Austin, TX @ SXSW
3/15/2014 Walters - Houston, TX
3/16/2014 South By So What - Dallas, TX
3/19/2014 Pub Rock - Phoenix, AZ
3/20/2014 Chain Reaction - Anaheim, CA
3/21/2014 Industry Theater - Lancaster, CA
3/22/2014 The Metro - Oakland, CA
3/23/2014 Rock City Studios - Ventura, CA

Doro Pesch Launches New Wine and Champagne

I think we can all agree that DORO PESCH is just amazing. She has powerful chops. She puts on a damn good show. She makes amazing metal albums. Now, she is making wine! Coming soon to a liquor store near you (hopefully)  two very delectable treats: DORO Hero Cava Brut Reserva Champagne and Herzblut [Lifeblood] Vino Tinto Red Wine.

"It was my wish for my 30-year stage anniversary - which I will be celebrating on May 2nd and 3rd, 2014 in my hometown of Düsseldorf [Germany] - to present unique drinks to the fans that represent my own taste and quality standard," comments DORO "We went to a great old wine region in Spain to pick the right product for me and I discovered a very fine red wine there."

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Metallica Antarctica Setlist and Photos

A huge THANK-YOU to Metallica!!!! Once again they outdid themselves and proved they are the best band on the planet. December 8, 2013 marked the first time they've played on the continent of Antarctica. A special dome was built to contain any sound waves - don't want ice shattering and breaking. The audience of South American and Central American contest winners, ship's crew, and research scientists listened to the show wearing ear phones. But under a dome with Metallica... now THAT'S priceless. And epic! The set list from this totally unprecedented show:

1. 'Creeping Death'
2. 'For Whom The Bell Tolls'
3. 'Sad But True'
4. 'Welcome Home (Sanitarium)'
5. 'Master'
6. 'One'
7. 'Blackened'
8. 'Nothing Else Matters'
9. 'Enter Sandman'
10. 'Seek and Destroy'

And holy cow! Metallica provided pictures of this once in a lifetime event.

And that beautiful artistic masterpiece on Lars' drums is from uber talented artist Tony Squindo. You can see more of his amazing work here:

As always, to stay up to date as to what these guys are gonna do next, visit and to be totally in the loop - join the Metclub.

Top 10 Videos of 2013

Time for the best of the best from 2013!!! Here are your Top 10 Videos from 2013!!!

10.  Diamond Plate - Dance With Reality
From the album PulseBuy Pulse on iTunes

9. Mothership - City Nights
From the album MothershipBuy Mothership on Ripple Music / Big Cartel

8. Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods
From the album  Deceiver of the GodsBuy Deceiver of the Gods on iTunes

7. Skeletonwitch - I Am of Death
From the album Serpents UnleashedBuy Serpents Unleashed on iTunes

6. System Annihilated - What We Created
From the album FurorBuy Furor on iTunes

5. Beastwars - Dune
From the Album Blood Becomes FireBuy Blood Becomes Fire from Beastwars Bandcamp

4. Blodig Alvor - Start En Revolusjon
From the album Morkets FrembruddBuy Morkets Frembrudd on iTunes

The Top Three Videos of 2013

3. As They Burn - Frozen Vision
From the album Will Love LifeBuy Will Love Life on iTunes

2. Finntroll - Haxbrygd
From the album: BlodsvepBuy Blodsvep on iTunes

And the Number One Video of 2013

1. Russkaja - Energia!
From the album Energia!Buy Energia! on iTunes

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Metallica Achievement - Play All Seven Continents in 2013 - DONE!

December 7, 2013
2013 is another stunning year for that little band from San Francisco. Metallica released it's first ever full length movie in theaters. Yes, there was Some Kind of Monster, the documentary from 2004. But, that was a Berlinger / Sinofsky film. Through the Never, directed by Nimrod Antal and starring Dane DeHaan, is Metallica's first film, i.e., the band paid for it. That's right... out of their own considerable pockets. Why not! And to carry on the tradition of Why nots, Metallica will be the first band to play all seven continents. You heard me. That's got to get them into the Guinness Book of World Records or something.  So after a tour hitting South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Australia, China, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Denmark, and the USA (read that right.... 6 continents in one year); they are poised to blow the minds of about 19 people in Antarctica. Continent Number Seven!!!!!!  The lucky 19 winners were chosen by Coca Cola in a contest for people in Central and South America. The show is to take place a mere miles from the South Pole on the Argentinian held Carlini Station. Metallica released the following picture today of what the set up looks like.

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