Friday, August 27, 2010

Echoes Fall Interview


Metal is not dead. It’s just skint. So what do you do if you are an up and coming band, low on funds and heavy on talent? You play BLOODSTOCK, of course! I caught up with Ipswitch band EHOES FALL after a blistering set at this year’s Bloodstock.

Victoria: So how did you guys get started?
Jamie: Me and Gav were in a band before Echoes Fall, in a band called Supremacy. It didn’t go anywhere so we kinda started Echoes Fall and got Dex in the band. Then we got out new friend Stu whose brought a lot to the band. That’s how it really came together. Just from another band to a gooder band.

Victoria: so what are some of your influences?
Dex: As I Lay Dying
Stu: Black Dahlia Murder
Jamie: Parkway Drive
Gavin: Abigail Williams

Victoria: Basically, none of you are Bee Gee’s fans?
Jamie: I like the Bee Gees.
Stu: Some of the best music to come ever come out.
Jamie: And Michael Jackson

Victoria: Tell me about your new EP, you played a couple tracks off it, didn’t you? (The EP, IGNITE THE FURY is available on their MySpace website and from
Jamie: It’s an older EP now because we’re just about to sort out the album. That’s gonna be coming out next year. The EP just kinda come together with a mix of different tracks and we thought rather than just release a demo we’d spend a bit of money on it and do it properly and get a good mix for it.
Sebastian: We really didn’t have our entire sound for it at the time. So it’s quite a mixture of different genre’s on tere. I think we’re confident we found our sound now. So hopefully we’ll go forward playing one genre of music instead of seventeen.
Jamie: That and the fact the EP went down really really well. WE got a lot of positive feedback from it. We got a lot of response, good fans out of it. So, we didn’t do too bad. It’s been a very big struggle.

Victoria: And where do you guys go from here after playing Bloodstock to a very happy crowd, I might add.
Sebastian: Yeah.
Dex: Quite a big crowd it was.
Gavin: Considering it wasn’t raining, not bad.
Sebastian: We’re gonna go home and write the rest of the album and that’s it. Take a bit of a break for a while because we’ve worked really really hard for this. And we’ve let other aspects of our lives suffer. But it’s what we’ve got to do.
Jamie: so we’re now officially skint.
Gavin: Some ouf us still need to save money to record this album.
Sebastian: Then go at it again in the new year. See what comes out Bloodstock. Hopefully we’ve impressed the people we need to impress. Hopefully we’ll go forward and be a strong band for it. And we’ll see what happens. Time will tell.

Victoria: Where can people find you if they wanted more of you?
Jamie: Let’s plug the facebook shall we?
Sebastian: Or just go to Google and search Echoes Fall.
Jamie: How ever you want to find us. But yes, that’s where you can find more and a lot of updates coming soon.

Echoes Fall are playing just two more dates this year: September 5 at the Twist in Colchester and October

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

EVILE Enter the Grave live from Bloodstock and Interview

OK - I'm gonna shove some EVILE right down your throat! You need it! Yes, you do! I picked up two of their disks at HMV: Infected Nations and Enter the Grave. YOU MUST BUY THESE DISKS!! It's a thrash metal assault on your ears. This will make you most happy! For those of you who don't know, EVILE is: Matt Drake, Ol Drake, Joel Graham, and Ben Carter. A talented bunch of guys who play some totally kick ass thrash metal head-banging shredding music. Did I use enough adjectives? But really, you have to listen to this band. Head to the EVILE website for news on the upcoming USA tour, merchandise, and info on the band. You can also link to them on MySpace and Facebook.

I am admittedly late to the EVILE train. I claim spending the past year in the Middle East. It’s a goodly reason for missing what is arguably the best “new” metal, hard rock, thrash band to come around in ages. For three years, EVILE has been wowing Bloodstock crowds and gaining fans. I got a chance to chat with Matt: lead singer, guitarist, non - MAC user and Joel: bass player and nice soft hair guy about Bloodstock and the upcoming tour in the USA.

I am admittedly late to the EVILE train. I claim spending the past year in the Middle East. It’s a goodly reason for missing what is arguably the best “new” metal, hard rock, thrash band to come around in ages. For three years, EVILE has been wowing Bloodstock crowds and gaining fans. I got a chance to chat with Matt: lead singer, guitarist, non - MAC user and Joel: bass player and nice soft hair about Bloodstock and the upcoming tour in the USA.

Victoria: This is your 3rd or 4th Bloodstock?
Matt: It’s our 3rd.

Victoria: Has this been 3 years in a row?
Matt: No, it’s been every 2 years. We’ve done 2006 on the unsigned stage, 2008 main stage. Both at the same time, quarter past 12. This year again same time. It’s all good

Victoria: How has that changed going from stage to stage to stage and how has the crowd in general?
Matt: We think the festival changed more than we have. I think we’ve changed a lot as well. We’ve changed together. This place has gotten so much bigger. Since 2006 there’s been four or five thousand people come in. Then two years later it’s like 8000 people and now ten thousand plus. It gets so much bigger every time we do it. It’s just so good to see. It makes us really proud to see it really growing. I feel as if we have a bond with this place. I just love it. EVILE and Bloodstock just makes since to me. I just love it. It’s just so good to be together.

Victoria: And how has touring been for you?
Matt: Good. All right. We got this guy. This is Joel the new bass player. He joined in January. We gave him two weeks to learn the songs before we start a three month tour.

Joel: Very generous of them.
Victoria: So how have you learned the songs?

Joel: Very quickly.
Victoria: You look like you totally fit. Everything is grooving.

Matt: I agree with that. He’s doing a damn good job so far.
Joel: It’s being thrown into the deep in. Seven months in now and it’s just... going with the flow.

Victoria: So any chance to tour in the states?
Matt: We just did two months March and April with Creator and Overkill.
Joel: And we’re going back in September.

Victoria: Was that your first time in the states?
Matt: Yes, it was.

Victoria: How did you like it?
Matt: Loved it. Everyone is really friendly. Such a good place to be. Any gig is the same procedure. It’s all good. But we’re going back again in September for three months. Hopefully people will remember us and have become attached to us and hopefully there is a big difference. We’ll see what happens.

September 28 Tucson, AZ The Rock
September 30 Tulsa, OK Marquee
October 01 Houston, TX Walters
October 02 San Antonio, TX White Rabbit
October 03 Austin, TX Emo’s
October 04 Ft. Worth, TX Ridglea Theatre
October 05 Nashville, TN The Muse
October 06 Newport News, VA Budda’s Place
October 07 Baltimore, MD sonar
October 08 Trenton, NJ Championship Bar and Grill
October 09 Manchester, NH Rocko’s Rock Club
October 10 Brooklyn, NY Europa
October 12 Toronto, ON Sneaky Dee’s
October 13 Buffalo, NY Broadway Joe’s
October 14 Cleveland, OH Peabody’s
October 15 Detroit, MI Blondie’s
October 16 Milwaukee, WI Mad Planet
October 17 Chicago, IL Reggie’s Rock Club
October 18 Kansas City, MO The Riot Room
October 19 Denver, CO Larimer Lounge
October 20 Salt Lake City, UT Club Vegas
October 22 Portland, OR Dante’s
October 23 Seattle, WA El Corazon
October 24 Vancouver, BC Red Room
October 25 Prince George, BC Third
October 26 Edmonton, AL The Madrid Hall
October 27 Regina, SK Exchange
October 28 Winnipeg, MB Royal Albert Arms
October 29 Thunder Bay, ON Crocks
October 30 St. Cloud, MN The Roxx Tavern
October 31 Indianapolis, IN The Dojo
November 01 London, ON Music Hall
November 02 Buffalo, NY Broadway Joe’s
November 03 Trenton, NJ Championship Bar and Grill
November 04 West Springfield, VA Nightclub
November 05 Rochester, NY Montage Music Hall
November 06 Farmingdale, NY Crazy Donkey
November 07 Providence, RI Club Hall
November 09 Providence, RI Canal Club
November 10 Charlotte, NC Amos Southend
November 11 Raleigh, NC Volume 11
November 12 Jacksonville, NC Hooligan’s
November 13 Orlando, FL Club Firestone
November 14 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room
November 15 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
November 16 Cleveland, OH Peabody’s Downunder
November 17 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall
November 18 Pittsburgh, PA Diesel Nightclub
November 19 Manchester, NH Rocko’s Bar and Grill
November 20 Sayerville, NJ Starland Ballroom
November 21 Ottawa, ON Mavericks
November 22 Montreal, QC Foufounes Electriques
November 23 Toronto, ON Mod Club
November 24 Detroit, MI Blondie’s
November 25 Nashville, TN The Muse Nashville
November 26 Louisville, KY Phoenix Hill Tavern
November 27 Chicago, IL Reggie’s Rock Club
November 28 Milwaukee, WI Rave
November 29 St. Paul, MN Station 4
December 01 San Antonio, TX Scout Bar
December 02 Austin, TX Emo’s Alternative Lounging
December 03 Houston, TX Scout Bar
December 04 Dallas, TX Trees
December 05 Amarillo, TX The War Legion Underground
December 06 Tucson, AZ The Rock
December 07 Mesa, AZ U.B.’s Bar
December 08 Hollywood, CA Whiskey A Go Go
December 09 Ramona, CA Ramona Mainstage Theatre
December 10 Sparks, NV New Oasis
December 11 San Francisco, CA DNA Lounge
December 12 Anaheim, CA Chain Reaction
December 13 Las Vegas, NV Cheyenne Saloon
December 15 Farmington, NM Gator’s
December 16 Pueblo, CO Club 21
December 17 Denver, CO Bluebird Theater
December 18 Salt Lake City, UT Club Vegas

All We Are All We Are We Are We Are All All We Need

Doro totally kicking some serious metal ass at Bloodstock! Her backing band is from New Jersey! Johnny Dee on drums. Bas Maas on guitar (this guy has the most amazing teeth! no lie. it's the first thing i noticed about him. then his hair.) Nick Doughlas on bass. A very tight outfit. "All We Are" is an old Warlock song from the 1987 album TRIUMPH AND AGONY. I swear it just gets better every time I hear it. Live it's totally killer! Check out the Doro website for news and information on tours.

Doro and Sabina Classen singing Celebrate

I recorded this video at Bloodstock. It's Doro and Sabina Classen singing "Celebrate". Doro is one of the best metal front people on the planet! She really gets the crowd going!

Doro Pics from Bloodstock 2010

See more DORO pics from 2011 at the Gramercy in NYC

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thrash Monk Fast Music for Slow People

I ran into these guys at Bloodstock in the queue for the Powerwolf signing. Very articulate bunch of blokes that know what kind of music they like and what kind of music they want to read about. They have a small beef against Metal Hammer and it seems Metal Hammer, or at least one of their writers, has a beef against them. Indeed, before they agreed to be interviewed they made it perfectly clear that they were NOT twats. Far from it, I can only surmise the guy from Metal Hammer that did interview them had some kind of superiority complex or was not secure in his manhood to take to the streets in a short dress, wig, and make up. It doesn't matter what you wear. People like what they like and should be respected for it. Everyone has an opinion on what they want to read in rock mags. I'd like more EVILE, Collapse, VOLBEAT, and Metallica (can never get to much)! Others may want more Opeth, Nevermore, Cannibal Corpse or Blind Guardian. It's what makes the world go round; differing musical tastes. It what keeps all the afore mentioned bands and many others in business; that someone somewhere likes what they have to offer. Besides, how can you not love Charlie!!??!!!!

I don't know which C(K)rusher they are referring to. I hope it's this Crusher. I listened to "Arm Chair Vampire" and thought it was great! Then I found this Krusher and wasn't that impressed. Not my cup of tea. But the "ladies" really seemed to like Hammerfall. And Blind Guardian who remind me of RenFare music. Groovy guitar work. Makes me want to drink mead and slay dragons. I looked their stuff up and live they tend to kick ass! Besides, how can you not like a band who have a song about Valhalla?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This WARNING came from one of the guys in charge. It was totally justified!

How comfortable is this guy?

Three festival goers on their way to the unsigned band tent for some metal listening pleasures.

Just three dudes! All different, yet enjoying themselves.

This sums up Bloodstock weekend!

Bloodstock Day 3

Day three was a nice light work load for me. After two days of hectic shooting and interviewing I was looking forward to just enjoying the festival. I only had two things on tap to do today: Doro and The Prophecy. Sunday morning saw me wandering between the main stage and the unsigned stage. Both had respectable crowds. My choices were a female fronted, plodding, cookie monster growling, stock metal band and a pubescent Iron Maiden inspired just above garage band. I was equally bored with both sets. Luckily the respective fans of both bands were fist pumping and throwing devil horns. BLOODSTOCK indeed has something for everyone!

For those whose only dealings with Bloodstock are thru my blog or someone else's blog or reading about it in a magazine, Bloodstock takes place in Derbyshire. It's in the ass middle of nowhere England. You need a car to get there. There is nothing around for miles except grass and trees and more grass. No lie, the car park is next to a rather large flock of sheep. Your options if attending all three days are to camp or drive an hour or so into a neighbouring town and stay at a hotel. I don't recommend camping as you'll have typical English August weather. Day one was good. Day two was wet, rainy, windy. A right muddy mess. Day three was hot and humid. It was just best to have one set of waterproof clothing, layers for the top, and good sturdy hikers (or wellies). Even though I had a hotel with a comfy bed and shower; it felt loverly to get back to Essex to MY house, MY bed, and MY shower. LOL

Good thing about Bloodstock, it was all about the comfort level of the attendees. Camping areas, trash bins, port-o-johns that flushed and had toilet paper and running water for hand washing. I even saw a shower station! As I walked around Sunday I swear I hadn't seen so many lawn chairs since the last jazz festival I went to. Kinda groovy - metal peeps just sitting bout eating or drinking and being laid back and .... comfy! Bloodstock brought out all types of people. I saw kids running around as young as 6 or 7. They enjoyed the music along side of 50 something year olds. The vibe was cozy. Just relax, sit back, and listen to some metal!

The crowd was an eclectic bunch ranging from guys in short skirts and bikini tops to guys in bustiers and hair extensions to bare chested all natural guys having a lie down in between bands. Bloodstock is a place where self expression in all it's forms are on display and celebrated. Everyone is friendly, ready and willing with a smile, hugs, and good conversation. From the fans to the security staff to the bands - it was a stress free, relaxed atmosphere.

They had a tent where several bands signed autographs for fans. It was a great one on one with your favourite artist. The queues were long but everyone was good natured about having to wait. Sometimes the schedule got backed up, but the guys and gals in the bands made each fan feel special. Some even posed for pictures.

Over the three days and three stages over 70 bands plied their trade. Yup 70!! NO you don't have to see them all. The scheduled start time was such that you could pick and choose and wander about. They had the 4 DJ's of the Apocalypse spinning tunes, metal karaoke, and movie screenings. I caught a screening of SUCK with a hilariously wigged Henry Rollins, a laid back Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper with wings and music that just... well.... SUCKED! LOL It was funny with numerous references to cult classic movies gone by. I moseyed over to a stage that had what sounded like ... heavy metal polka.... Another stage had young hungry up-and-coming musicians. The main stage had acts as diverse as the languages spoken on the A-train in NYC at rush hour! It had every thing from blood spurting costume wearing large rubber penis adorned musicians to bare chested guys in kilts to goth death black metal type music to guys with soft pretty hair who shredded to guys from freakin' New Jersey!!!! How ace is that?! To cover a festival in Derbyshire, UK and meet up with someone two exits from where I used to live in America? At one point, the press tent "sang" with the sacred timbre of the New Jersey accent and language! Jersey peeps had taken over and dominated! You have been warned - we are every where! And we are coming to YOUR town!

I saw some great bands, some not so great bands, bands that flat out sucked, new to me bands that I'm now a huge "fan" of, and I've happily rediscovered bands that had fallen off my radar. The work was exciting and exhausting. I'm very proud of the work I produced. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Rock on!
Princess Vic
a.k.a Victoria of Kerridwen2000

Saturday, August 14, 2010

You Really Like Me!


Here's hoping you caught EVILE when they were in the states in March and April... What? No? You missed them? For shame! For they are a truly kick ass band! I caught them at Bloodstock on Saturday the 14th. This was the 3rd time they've played Bloodstock and have made the move up to the main stage. It was well warranted. An amazing set from start to finish! Some serious shredding happens. Luckily, you can catch them in the states this fall when they return. Most notably December 12 and 13 in Anaheim and Las Vegas respectively!

Friday, August 13, 2010


The four frontmen on Meshuggah: Jens Kidman, Fredrik Thordendal, Marten Hagstrom, and Dick Lovgren

Ensiferum photos from 2010 Bloodstock

Some awesome shots of the Finnish band ENSIFERUM from Friday August 13, 2010 at Bloodstock.

Can you spot the Viking in this next picture? That would be Sami Hinkka. I definitely want him on MY side when I take the neighbouring village.

Ensiferum in the studio 2012!! Updated news.

Petri Lindroos

Markus Toivonen

And what is a band without it's fans? Why nothing. Nothing at all. Luckily Enisferum has some loyal fans. Here are a few!

And this is what our Finnish heros look like with clothes on!
Very lovely blokes.

Shrapnel and Collapse

This was fun to shoot. I ended up double booked and pressed for time. I had the signing tent for Ensulferum and Shrapnel at the same time. Lucky the sining was running late and the pit security for Shrapnel let me shoot for as long as I wanted. I ran back to the signing tent then over to catch Collapse. I'm very glad the distances are short and the boots are comfy. Unfortunately, the uploader is being a bugger bear for pictures. Check out photographs of Bloodstock 2010 bands on my Facebook page. Be sure to "like" or become a "fan" or whatever it is you have to do: JUST DO IT!!!!!!

Labouring under the bad lighting of the “New Blood Stage”, I had the pleasure of catching the band SHRAPNEL. They were awesome, raw, and full of energy. Good old fashioned heavy metal or thrash (what ever you’d like to call it). Not a lot of talking between songs. They didn’t need to. They let the music do the talking. Shrapnel has quite a following as the tent was crowded, but not unpleasant. There was plenty of room for the circle pit, which broke out at random intervals.

A good friend of mine told me to check out COLLAPSE. She even sent me a picture of the lead singer so I’d know who I was looking for. They launched into their metal massacre on the Sophie Lancaster Stage at 1700 hours. Playing a blistering 40 minute set, the lead singer, Duncan, prowled from left to right and back again like a caged animal. More good old fashioned heavy metal. No cookie monster growling. No make up. No pretentiousness. Just strait ahead rock.

I Like Viking Metal

I had the pleasure of viewing and listening to Ensiferum. When a bunch of blokes take the stage in kilts and a bevy of flesh, you can not go wrong! This music is brutal in a very old timey way. It makes you want to grab a large ax, don headgear made of horns, pull your longboat into the sea and go plundering. The music drives you at a rampant pace. It's unrelenting. Petri Lindroos on vocals. Markus Toivonen on guitar and vocals. Sami Hinkka on bass and vocals. Janne Parvianinen on drums. Emmi Silvennoinen (who looked liked she wanted to be anywhere but here) on keyboards. The bloodlust flowed off the stage and into the crowd with waves that rivaled the North Sea.


1236 GMT

It isn't a festival unless there are technical difficulties. Trying to find a place to batch upload pictures is a chore. I have several sites, none of which feel like working at stupid o'clock in the morning USA time! LOL But it's only day 1 and the kinks will get worked out... slowly... slowly....

Fuck You Black Spiders

Black Spiders have become my new favourite band. Loud. Crude. In Yer Face. It’s good old fashioned rock and roll at it’s best. It’s hard and heavy and has a bite! The lead singer is totally into crowd participation. At one point asking for everyone to give the middle finger, which the crowd definite obliged. “Just Like a Woman” was said to be a summer song! I guess dedicated to the ladies in the audience. LOL Black Spiders have a wicked groove; sometimes funky, sometimes blistering, all the time true metal. Do yourself a favour and pick up their latest release No Goats in the Omen. If you haven’t caught them yet, no worries. They are opening for VOLBEAT in the UK in November and December.

Snakebite at Bloodstock 2010

Day one of the Bloodstock festival. Getting in was a muddy mess. But I'm well sorted with hiking boots, jeans, and a waterproof jacket. Had just enough time to get in, set up, and hit the pit for the first band.

This is the perfect way to start the morning. On a gloomy Friday the 13th, over cast, cloudy, wet - Snake Bite hit the stage at 1030. . . stupid o’clock! They blistered thru their set making sure the crowd was wide awake. If they weren’t, they soon would be! In twenty minutes they got the blood flowing thru the veins of the erstwhile heavy metal fans that forsook sleep to begin the carnage of the coming weekend.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

the Stooges at Sonisphere 2010

Iggy of course blew contemporaries off the stage. He's psychotic. I love him. He scares me!
They played Raw Power, Search and Destroy, 1970, Fun House, I Got a Right, I Wanna Be Your Dog, and No Fun among others.

What was disturbing to me was the amount of children being pulled from the pit. I've taken my nephew to concerts and to be sure, he's even seen the Stooges. But he was a sight more than 7,8, or 9 which was the age of some of the kids being pulled out of the throbbing masses who were pushing forward and moshing. Their parents were pulled out as well along with someone who looked suspiciously like a grand parent.

The bass player, Mike Watt is my new "hero". He did the entire set in a frankenstein knee brace. That sucker went from his groin to his ankle! I know he had to be in some kind of pain but he was in the pocket their entire set! He was carried off at one point. Returned!!!! Finished the set and then they brought out crutches for him. Fucking Mental!!!

Sweet Savage

Sweet Savage doing Killing Time in Dublin, July 31st, 2010. Now you can hear where Metallica get some of their riffs from. They played a hella good show and I was able to catch them again August 1st at Sonisphere. It was a three piece and the drummer, Marty McClosky had his debut in Dublin. Sweet Savage Official Website

Blaas of Glory

I actually saw these guys while I was wandering around Sonisphere. That seems to be the popular retort! LOL They wander around a lot! Their set is barely 20 minutes long. They are amusing as hell to watch! But they have fun and are really tight! The clothing and costuming and wigs are fokking hysterical! But if you can find the, sit a spell and watch. True entertainers they are. From Finland (of course! Those crazy Fin's). Here they are doing an Iron Maiden medly. Recorded on my Nikon Coolpix (shite sound and shite quality). Blaas of Glory website you gotta check it out!

My Sonisphere Weekend

Can you get a more generic title? I know. It's sophomoric. But it's taken a week to get the pictures and video sorted. I didn't camp. Are you nuts? I stayed in Enfield Chase. My mates stayed in Stevenage. If you are planning to go next year and want comfort but don't want to pay Stevenage prices. Look for hotels in Finsbury Park area. The trains run from Stevenage to Finsbury Park late at night and it's a darn sight closer than staying in Kings Cross. But the hotel prices won't gouge you. Easy enough to get from either place to Stevenage.

I had a weekend ticket even though I only went Saturday and Sunday. I spent Friday in Dublin at Maiden. On the rail. Making goo-goo eyes at Adrian Smith *******swoon********* But that's another story for another time.

The only camera I took was a small Nikon Coolpix. I don't particularly like this camera. It only has pictures - no numbers. I can't set the shutter speed or aperture. It was an impulse buy based on stupid commercials. But it does video. So I have what I have and use what I use. The pictures are ok and the video is low quality. But it was functional. I took several videos and have posted / will post them here.

The stages at Knebworth were artfully arranged. Nothing was to far a walk. In certain spots, you can hear 4 different stages and not even move! LOL The middle had lots of shoppes and good things for sale. Yes some of the prices were a bit outlandish - but when you've a stall and are traveling from place to place you need to set your prices to cover expenses. I did buy a freaking cool dress with matching socks. Before you choke, let me say that the dress goes with my neon green canvas converse! Food - the only thing I touched was the pork, as seen in the video. That was a good get. My mate ate some fish and chips. He seemed healthy enough! LOL But festival food is festival food all around the world (well, except Roskilde and that is in a league of its own.) For two days I ate rubbish: biscuits (cookies for the yanks), sweet tarts, water, coca cola, DP, bagels (well, a pale imitation of a bagel as I bought it at Tesco's), and Tesco sausage rolls ("room" temperature as they were squashed in my purse).

Apocolyptica played an amazing set. Metal Cellos! LOL They did have a singer for a few tracks but I never caught his name. Skunk Anancie killed it. I can not emphasize enough how amazing this band is and always has been. I've had their music for more than a decade but never had the chance to see them live. Skin has the most amazing voice. They whip the audience into a frenzy and have a wide diverse array of fans! They have a new album coming out in September with a tour to follow. I then puttered around until Rammstein. I actually made a little over 5 quid (about $7) returning cups. I'm a lightweight or rather quite lazy. You can make some good dosh on the weekend returning the cups. You get 10p per cup (about 15cents) and it's quite easy to get them as many people throw them on the ground. Got into the front barrier for Rammstein and met up with some newly found Maiden fans and one large banana! LOL Sunday was back to back bands: Alice in Chains, Slayer, Sweet Savage, The Stooges, Iron Maiden and I found a "new" band in one of the smaller tents that I quite liked. Inner City Dwellers reminded me of Rage Against the Machine. I made about 17 quid today ($21 ish) But I was still being lazy. I saw some kid make 3 deposit runs while I was standing around jaw jacking. He had easily 100 cups each time - so he pulled in a good 30 quid in a little over a half hour! I hear tell you can make several hundred quid in the weekend by returning cups.

The holiday isn't quite over yet. Enjoy the videos and pictures. Let me know what you think!

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