Thursday, July 30, 2009

London Calling

Do I really need to regale you with three more days of My Life in London???? Yesh?? NO??? LOL Fine -here's the blitzkrieg (bad pun) of July 25 to 28.

Easy Jet smells like toast. Yes, fresh breakfast toast with butter and jam. At least the Easy Jet flight from Copenhagen to Stansted smells like toast. It was the most pleasant flight I've ever been on!

Bacardi Apple and Sprite tastes very delicious. Thank you airport lady selling mass quantities of alcohol in the Copenhagen airport!

I am so rocking having only 9.3 kg of checked baggage. This, of course, will end as soon as I do my obligatory shopping at Stamford Bridge and Molton Brown. Not to mention all the pressies my adopted family gives me!

Richmond (last stop on the district line) is a cool place for a pub crawl. Do it early enough in the day and you miss the meat market. It's quite fun and inexpensive. The Thames is the back drop. Just be careful - it will (the river that is) sneak up and flood the area then giggle at you before it recedes to play else where!

Kings Cross had been upgraded from dodgy to dingy.

The Comfort Inn in Kings Cross has the BEST free breakfast I've had in a while - that was free, that wasn't hand made by someone I know. LOL yeah - book on It was $115 for a double. Breakfast included. The staff is unbelievable! Very friendly. Very helpful. The hotel is clean. The food is good! The water pressure in the showers are ace! I recommend 32 to 35 degrees for your shower.

Obligatory trip to Stamford Bridge. It's changed a lot since 1995 - when I first started coming to the Bridge. I walked there from West Kensington. This tour was by my favourite tour guide - Dave! He's got the best stories to tell. Unfortunately, it was a LARGE group. Only about 5 or so supporters - the rest tourists. Rude, talking non-stop tourists. So two of my favourite stories he didn't tell. They were hella busy too. Some of the tours got backed up. LOL Their system was down, so you could only pay for things in cash. Suited me fine. It kept me ON BUDGET! LOL I was two weeks late for the sale. So one of the things I wanted, I couldn't get: the black away jersey from last year. I was told to go ahead and order it online, just be aware that it will come from a different supplier than from the store.

I thought my favourite (I have a lot of those things in london - FAVOURITES) any ways... i didn't see my chip van outside the bridge (well half block up) and thought my guy had been displaced by a permanent eatery. I peeked inside - IT WAS HIM!!!! He upgraded from the van to a brick and morter eatery!!! I was well chuffed! You want the best chips in London? Take the district line to Fulham/Broadway. After exiting the train station, turn left, go down to Wandsdown Place and there you will find Kebab Corner!!!! Best chips in London !!!!

Still In Copenhagen: Metallica 3 - 46 Princess

Don't know why, but this was the best set list of the year for me.

That Was Just Your Life
The End Of The Line
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Wherever I May Roam
Broken, Beat And Scarred
No Remorse
Sad But True
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
My Apocalypse
The Day That Never Comes
Master Of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
- - - - - - - -
Hit The Lights
Seek and Destroy

Not like anything new or unusual was played. It's been a coon's age since Helpless was played, yes. But it just kicked my royal behind. The build up was a bit odd. Went in early - maybe that threw me off. By 1745 hours, we were on our spot at the balcony rail. Just waiting..... The first band took the stage and were yawn inducing. Even they seemed to be bored to tears. It was just dreadfully dull. The crowd seemed primed for the second band. It's like the second band brought all of their fans to the gig that night. They played 45 minutes as opposed to 35 they got the first night. I liked that. I really like them live. The energy just clicks. There seemed to be more people at this show too. There were more pregnant women and children at this show. Odd. But by the time the third band hit the stage, all was right with the world. We raised the roof! It was just plain fierce!

Afterward it got a bit strange again. Sneaky, subversive, strange. People just "disappeared". They walked off into the night never to be seen again. Things were said. Plans made. Then "pooof" - nothingness. Me and some mates heading out to get food then to the bar. It took us about a half hour to eat. When we arrived at the bar - nobody was there. It was like we got ditched. We tried texting and calling and the mobiles weren't working. We felt pretty grim and decided to call it a night. We ran into a lone wolf. He, too, looked grim, tired, and lonely. The four of us decided to check another pub and then two more. They have to be some where. . . By the time we came to the Raadhouspladtz, a search party was looking for US! LOL But still, between the now six of us, we couldn't locate or communicate with any one. We went to one of the bars - to loud, to brash, not our cup of tea. Had one drink. To boost my spirits I thought it was time for ANOTHER ice cream lolly. Bounty, of course! I skipped and sang the rest of the shortened night. By the time we hit the next pub, I was ready to call it a night. Back at the ranch, found one of our little fillies.

All in all it was a groovy kind of day.

Metallica Show 45

What happens when you mix caffeine, rabid fans, good music, rum, damn swedes, and no sleep?

  • ended up staying awake for 24 hours

  • got the balcony for tonite's show.

  • took some ace pictures and even fired off a video for Damage, Inc

  • met up with the "Good Swedes" after the gig

  • would like to change J's name to Olaf. He looks like an Olaf. Like he's be right at home with a large ax and the skin of a dead animal as a cape.

  • Carbon is 6 and Oxygen is 8 !! I WAS right! The noble gasses are in the last column: 2, 10, 18, 36, 54.

  • Electrical attraction between water molecules due to its dipole pulls individual molecules closer together, making it more difficult to separate the molecules - ergo, water is a stable molecule.

  • Creeping Death, Holier Than Thou, Four Horsemen, Sad But True, Judas Kiss, Damage Inc, Stone Cold Crazy, Trapped Under Ice

  • D and D are inseperable and hi-larious and shall now be my mates for life!

  • Fell in love with a brummie - got shot down by a brummie - the horror....the horror......

  • Meet me at the irish Rover... Meet me at the Irish Rover....

  • Never give your camera to a drunken brummie....

  • My favourite boy now has TWO jobs. I'm so proud of everything he does!

  • I shall never, as long as I live, forget - it's either 2 or 4!!!!!

  • ahhhhh the politics of club life

  • sometimes opening bands are boring... like watching astro turf grow

  • and sometimes opening bands are the shiznet and really get you into the spirit of the night

  • watching the sun rise with your bestest mates is the most exhilarating feeling in the world

I really love being able to waltz into a venue not twenty minutes before the band comes on and still get a prime spot. I think I may be spoiled! LOL Went up to the cool looking balcony at the Forum. The place is so tiny, you could see the entire state from up there. The laser light show was just eye candy - not yet Pink Floyd, but man oh man was it cool! I was able to get (finally) so me really good snaps and even a video of my favourite song! Yippie!!!!! About halfway thru the show, some drunken tosser and his loser girlfriend tries to barge their way to the rail. They are yelling and fist pumping and just behaving atrociously! He tried jumping over 3 people - and he was shorter than me! We kept shoving him off, but like an errant dog - he wouldn't budge. Then he started dry humping us - OMG! Groady to the max! I went about my business of enjoying the show. This little wanker starts yelling at me... " No taking pictures! We pay to see the show! You shouldn't take pictures! Hey! I said don't you take a picture!". Can you believe it???!!!! Then he tried hitting my arm. I told him to piss off! He ran crying to security. I was told later that the security guy laughed at him. The little troll and his lovely did not come back.

After the show EVERYONE met up at the Irish Rover. It's just past the Fossil and Game Stop. I was well chuffed to see my good Swedes there! They are just so lovely and friendly. The Double -D's were there! The Belgian Contingent. Choice representatives from the UK and NJ. My unforgetable French guy! And a new kid. Much pub fun ensued. We do have pictures. LOL It was quite entertaining!

Things to Do in Copenhagen when you are ALIVE!! Tell me how it feels to be alive!!!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 2340 hours Copenhagen

Another beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Didn't roll out of bed until 1305 hours. I thought it was a mistake,but sure enough - got a "late" start to the day. No worries! Still ended up with a nice full day crammed with fun and interesting stuff.

Went to the 7-11 at the Raadhuspladtz for lunch. 23.50 DKK for two mini's and a coke. Minis are pigs in a blanket. Hot dogs are king in Kobenhavn. Ate int eh pladtz. Just sat there letting the wind tussle my hair. WAtched little kids chase after pigeons. They had the look of sheer glee on their faces. The sun played hide and seek with the clouds. It darted in and out and behind making the day lighten and darken on the changing wind.

After an hour or so, we pushed off to find the DFDS harbour cruise. I love Copenhagen! Everything is within walking distance. It was a five minute walk from the Raadhouspladtz. We had a discount card from the Cabinn, 20% off the cruise. It came to 98DKK for two people. It was lovely! Totally worth it. Another reason to stay at Cabinn - the discount cards! We got to see government buildings, castles, the queen's houses, the opera house, a very posh - $2 million posh - block of apartments. They wree off the canal where it used to be a navy torpedo dry dock. I can't imagine paying that kind of money for a flat. The only view was of other flats, trees, and the tour boats that come by every hour and a half or so! It's not like they had major square footage either. oh well... We also saw a navy battle ship. The tour took us by the mermaid. It's such a famous landmark sculpture. I thought it would be bigger. NOpe. The sculpture is no bigger than I am. It's about five feed tall. I think the lady standing next to it taking a picture was actually bigger than the mermaid. It's very very tiny......

We wandered all around the city after the cruise. We found Diagon Alley! Like in Harry Potter. LOL Well, it LOOKED like Diagon Alley from the movies. We found the university area of the city. It was very "greek". It even had busts of famous Danes'. No, Lars was not among them. Nertz! Had dinner at the train station. Cheap, good food is the motto for the week. I splurged. 32 DKK for a franfurter, pepsi for my mate and for me... an gooey gooey honey pecan buttery flakey pastry!!!

At about 8 pm we found ourselves sitting in the platz. This is the life. Wind in hair. Enjoying the surroundings. Un-harried. Nothing like it. Every day has been an adventure. It's relaxing in a busy way.

Three out of Five Metallica shows can't be wrong...

Show Number 1

OMG!!! The show was aces! The forum is really tiny. Ten thousand people tiny. Doors were at 1730 and we went in at 1840 hours. Show starts at 1900 hours. We were no where near the rail. I was obsessed about being in front of Rob's bass cabinets. LOL It's "my spot"!!! Mastadon were ok. Like 70s power metal sludge. At the break, we shimmied forward. I told my mate as soon as Lamb of God come on, a pit will break out. We can ride the pit to the rail. So as soon as LoG came on, a pit broke out, and I pogoed and crab walked my way to about the third or fourth row from the rail. From there, we just rode the pit jetty. Eventually we made it to the second people from the rail. Not exactly in front of Rob's bass cabinets. But close enough for government work.

They opened with Life and Line. No surprise there. Pretty standard set: Cyanide, Master, All Nightmare Long - did get Die Die My Darling and Motorbreath for the encore. I was jazzed to hear Fight Fire With Fire and Fuel. You can get the full set list for this show and all others at Met on Tour.

Some of the usual road dog crowd was there. Not as many as in the states. But some of us die hards will go any where to see a good Metallica show. Stand in the same spots. Like clockwork. I hadn't anticipated problems on the rail. Didn't wear my frankenstein braces in Newark, so I felt a smaller venue in Copenhagen would be a walk in the park. Boy was I wrong! Smushed, I tells yas! Smushed! It was like Graspop Maiden smushesd. Could barely move.

Of course, there is always one douche bag - damn Swede! he barged his way up behind us with the intent of supplanting us from our spots. NOT HAPPENING! I've been going to Metallica shows longer than this douche has been alive. I give my spot to no one! He was one determined fucker - kept elbowing and pushing and kneeing us. He got an attitude because we fought back and wouldn't let him thru. My mate ended up with bruises all over her. The Greeks in front of us, well, the taller one got bruised too. To balance it out, we have an absolutely lovely security guy. He kept everyone hydrated. He must have gone thru about six bottles of water. He would just randomly give us sips of water.

After the show finally saw people we knew. It would have been an odd trip to go to a Metallica show and NOT know anyone! What a freakish thought!

Copenhagen is a wickedly expensive city! Everything is in Danish Kroner. It's about 1/6 of a dollar (100 DKK = $18.70) You feel like you are pissing away money on just the basics - FOOD!!!! Ate at the Hard Rock for Club Scandinavia's Bash. We spent about 400 DKK on food and drinks. Mind you, the burgers were quite delish! And the drinks were large. You did get full. But the shock of the bill. Finally, you just have to stop doing maths, suck it up, and get on with it. LOL Thank the goddess Copenhagen is the Hot Dog Capital of the World. This is not official or anything, but the cheapest and most tasty food is their hot dog in all it's lovely forms! LOL The Hot Dog Man rides around in a cart, sometimes they are even motorized. It would behoove you to make him your newest bestest friend!

Also, shop at the 7-11!!!! I got 2 cokes, a 1.5 Liter of water and some cinnamon danish bites for 80 Dkk. The bites lasted for 3 days - ate them for breakfast only. I also had a Bounty ice cream lolly every day!!! If you like ice cream - all the 7-11s, bodega's, shoppettes sell ice cream lollies.

July 19th, 2009 0600 Stansted Airport

Caught the 3am Easy Bus with no problems. Actually spent from 0100 to 0300 on the steps by Stop 8 (behind Victoria on the Plaza). Had plenty of company. London never seems to sleep. About six Germans were sleeping on the steps by Stop 8. Felt a little bad as our antics kept waking them up. Something about having someone singing show tunes and dancing on the steps makes it a bit hard to nap. LOL There were many people catching buses or getting off buses and shuttles. It was quite a busy morning and very entertaining!

Flew Easy Jet to Copenhagen. No problems at check in. The flight was uneventful. Arriving at Copenhagen was .... easy! LOL Gotta love that Danish efficiency! The queues may have seemed long, but they moved quite steadily. Got a 3 zone card for the train into town. Took the M2 to Forum stop. It's traveling a total of 3 zones from the airport to the Forum stop. Cost = 31DKK. It took about 20 minutes and the tube let us off right outside the Forum. That's were Metallica has taken up residence for five shows. Our hotel - Cabinn Express. Is about 200 meters away, the equivalent of 2 and a half blocks.

1157 am Copenhagen

Cabinn was easy to find. Get off at Forum stop. Walk past Forum (Forum on your right and a playground on your left). Go up two blocks to Danas Platz. This street is the same as Danasvej. Turn right. The Cabinn is half block up on your right.

The rooms are small. We booked a three person - a twin bed and a bunkbed. I'm thinking it's the size of a small bedroom 8 feet by 13 feet. The bathroom was total euro: the size of a half bath with toilet and sink with an added "shower". The curtain wraps around, but you get a bit claustraphobic. I keep the curtain open and just close the door. Cabinn provides towels and bedding. It's like a regular hotel. Internet access is free. But there is only one computer (a MAC) in the ground floor lounge area. Never had a problem getting on it when I needed to. There is a breakfast, but it's not included in the price. It's 60DKK extra. We bought it once and it was underwhelming. It was just the basic meat, bread, fruit, cereal, juice, coffee and tea - but I've had better.

1219 hours Copenhagen

Feeling very nauseous. My tummy is in an uproar. I haven't eaten properly - sit down, since Mocha Cafe. I did have that sandwich from Boots, but ate it at 0200 this morning. Haven't slept properly since Thursday night. It's now past noon on Sunday! I've been up about 53 hours. Four different countries. Three time zones. Four airports (Stansted twice). In the same clothes, right down to my knickers!

Are we having fun yet??? HELLA YEAH.... MOST DEFINITELY!! and it ain't over yet!

Things to do in Londontown when you are Dead

July 18, 2009 2325 hours

Life always seems better in London. Don't know why. Maybe it's the air. or the weather. or the underground. or the general attitude. But things were looking up. Took the Easy Bus into the city. Bless the Easy Bus. £18 for two people from Stansted to Victoria. A nice leisurely van ride into the city. I got to see parts of London I never would. Why bother. Everything I need is in Surray Quays. I've no call to go any where else. But the bus ride even had me going ooooohhhhhh and aaaaahhhhhh LOL

My partner in crime hadn't been to London since she was a small lass. I had until 0300 to show her a good time. What to do in London when you've only got 14 hours to do it?

We dropped our bags off at the Excess Baggage department in Victoria. These are awesome places - they've replaced the lockers you used to see in airports, train and bus depos. London has them in Victoria, Kings Cross, Euston, Lilverpool Street, Paddington, Waterloo and both Gatwick and Heathrow airports. For less than £8 per 24 hours, your luggage is stored quite safely. Keep in mind, they do close at 2300 hours, so If you've an early flight, you'd best pick up the baggage before eleven. They open at 0700.
From there we walked out of Victoria and into a brand new day LOL. I confessed to my mate that in 19 years, I'd never been to Trafalgar Square. She balked. Then we walked! LOL Walked by Buckingham Palace. It's surrounded by tourists. The flag was flying and I was informed that that means the Queen is in residence. I wonder if she'd have us to tea? We took some lovely touristy photos. My favourite was, of course, the statue to me! It's not quite a perfect likeness, I'm not as jowly. yet... LOL Then proceeded to Trafalgar. It's small. Quite small. I don't know why, but I had envisioned it to be a large square type deal yo. It was more of a small square type deal. Not as impressive. I'm like - this is where they show movies? and have opera outdoors? hmmmmmm OK.

I get discombobulated above ground. Even tho we were on Charing Cross Road, I could NOT for the life of me figure out how to get to Mocha Cafe - on Charing Cross Road - not a mile away! Maybe it was lack of sleep. Maybe it was the dreaded sunlight. I don't know. But I got "lost". I had to retreat, like a true tube rat, to the underground. Much more safe. LOL Mocha Cafe, here we come!

You've heard me tout the excellence that is Mocha Cafe in my blogs from last year. But here it is again, because it bears repeating. Mocha Cafe is right off the Leicester Square tube line. Once you exit on Charing Cross Rd, turn left, cross street, pass chinese food resturants, look for sign touting internet service. Go in! LOL You are greeted by the best pastry's ever. They also have ice cream. AND sandwiches. You can have a lovely meal for about a fiver.

Internet - if you just want to sit at a computer and plug in, as it were, head upstairs. It's a pound an hour. Can't beat the price. If you've your own laptop, you can enjoy free wi-fi as long as you spend five quid on food. It's easy to do. Just have a breakfast, or tea, or coffee or chocolate fudge cake or the devilish chocolate cake or a sandwich.

Back outside to blue sky, white fluffy clouds. It's well after 8 pm! Decided to head toward Picadilly and people watch. The diversity was lovely: so many colours and languages and shoes! Yes, shoes!!!! There were women roaming around the streets in six inch stilleto heels! It was amazing. Apparently we did NOT get the foot wear memo as we are in hiking boots and doc martins. LOL We walked from Picadilly back to the Thames to see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliment. Sauntering down Regent Street we found some groovy shoe stores that specialized in instruments of foot torture. We also passed a Molton Brown store, much to my delight. This meant I didn't have to fight the throngs of Covent Garden zombie shoppers to get my smell goods! By the time we hit the next tube stop - Oxford Square, we realized we were walking in the wrong direction! We were heading AWAY from the water and not CLOSER! LOL Oh well! That's topside for yas!

We hopped on the brown line and headed south. Got off at Embankment and walked over the Thames. Mind you - I had NEVER done this before. Really. Never. Night was finally falling and the lights were flickering like starlight. You could hear the party boats blasting techno in the distance. I became OCD photographer trying to the "the shot". Big Ben mocked me. The only pictures he'd pose for are the ones with the fish lanterns in the foreground. I monkey around with the setting but to no avail. No Fish. No Ben. We walked past the aquarium and the gi-normous ferris wheel. We crossed back to the north side of the river next to Parliament and Big Ben.

Once across, I got some beautifully haunting shots of the Abbey. Found another Molton Brown on Victoria Road. Collected our luggage. Time to chill.

MEMO TO TRAVELERS: It's well past 2100 hours and one the Boots is still open. We were a bit famished from the walking and in need of sustenance. The Boots closes at 2200. They have sandwiches there all day long. But - at about 2130 - 2150 they mark the prices of the sandwiches down to 75p from £2.30. These are FRESH sandwiches that have to be sold that day. I recommend the "roast chicken and stuffing". It's chicken chunks with pork stuffing and cracked black pepper with a hint of mayonnaise on malted bread with seeds. The peppery flavour permeates the sandwich. The malt bread is soft and dark and nutty.

Fly Me to the Moon

July 18th, 2009 1740 hours London time

Talk about long trips. It's my personal Amazing Race. There is no million dollar prize at the end, just the priceless memories of mates and good times and laughter. This is something no one can put a price tag on. I woke up with time to spare. Not heading to Hamilton Train Station in New Jersey until about 9am. Very uneventful. Catch train. Walk from Penn Station to Port Authority. Catch shuttle bus to JFK. Why go all the way to Queens to catch a plane? Money! LOL Or the amount of money I saved booking passage on Aer Lingus from New York City to Dublin instead of from Philadelphia to Copenhagen! A few extra stops along the way, but a savings of a couple hundred dollars. Arrived at JFK with no problems. Worth the $15 to go this route. Comfy seats with the luggage under the coach and not jammed between my legs as I sway and bounce to the beat of the A train. Check in = no problems. Security = no problems. Flight = no problems.

Arrive in Dublin at stupid o'clock. It's about 0530 in the a.m. The announcements directed passengers to pick up our baggage at carousel four then proceed to carousel one and go up the stairs for Ryan Air flights and connecting flights. Sounds like a plan. We trudged up stairs and through a corridor. It lead to security. HHHMMMMMMMM it didn't seem quite right as we still had our baggage with us. Checked baggage no less. We inquired at security. They said just go to gate D62 it'll get taken care of. We figured that Ryan Air would check the baggage at the gate. Wot - ever. The only issue in security was that we had way more than the 100ml of liquids. Well, yes - the baggage is to be checked. OK, they had no problems with that and sent us on our way. By 0630 we were at the gate looking for Ryan Air employees to sort out the check in.




Didn't see hide nor hair of one until our flight at 0805, five minutes prior to boarding, and then it was the baggage handlers. Wow - the baggage handlers and ground crew are checking in flights. With limited english proficiency I might add. OK. So we pull one over, show him our check in paper... and before we could even FORM a question he says in good broken english - "You can't fly on this plane. We won't check you in. You have no stamp." Well DUH!!!! How about listening to the question first? It goes swiftly downhill from here.

He tells us to go to zone 7, desk 701. Look for a yellow sign. We trowl back thru departures looking for said sign (along with another passenger who was in the same boat). Even with my glasses on I couldn't find it! So I asked one of the security guys. Lovely blokes they were. He told us we had to go out into the hall -flight check in. (Oh if only HE were on duty two hours before! ) He said to inquire about it there and then come back. He stamped our papers so we didn't have to go thru security again. We found the area and spoke to a rather brusk, harried, severe blonde woman. She was NOT helpful. She was quite rude. She had no interest in listening to our problem. She continually blamed the Aer Lingus staff and the security for the mistake. Every thing coming spitfire out of her mouth was a slag to Aer Lingus and Security at Dublin airport (even tho they had been the most pleasant and helpful during the morning). She told us to go to ticketing as we had missed our flight and should have been here on time.

ERM EXCUSE ME!!!! We were here by 0600 - more than TWO HOURS before the flight! She couldn't have cared less. So at about 0820/0830 we went to the ticketing desk that was manned by a very large woman who was equally rude. I'm beginning to think that it's in the Ryan Air handbook to be rude and nasty. If you can't master these two things, you don't get the job. She said we had to give them and additional 100euros for them to put us on the next flight. Extortion. Basically. She could refund us for the taxes and taxes only if we decided not to pay the blood price. Now let's recap: My ticket was 40eur. Baggage was 20 euro. There was a "handling" fee of 10 euro. Taxes..... hmmmm...... NO BLOODY TAXES WERE CHARGED ON THE FLIGHT!!!!!!!


Again - a total fuck you attitude. We've got your money and will take more and if you don't like it - stuff it! So we asked to speak to the supervisor Very snootily she replied the supervisor would tell us the same thing. I asked her again, point us in the direction of the supervisor. We left the troll to eat the next customer who was having the same issue with them as we were. UGH! You'd never guess who the supervisor was.... Yep - the same blonde cunt we spoke to first. Still as bitchy and uncaring as before. She now took up the mantle of shouting at us, then just flat out ignored us.


I called my cousin and he tried to find us alternate flights. Unfortunately, you can not book online the day of departure. We personally hit every airline in the hall that flew to London. They were sympathetic. I'm sure this scene had been repeated for them a hundred times a week. They did not seem surprised we were Ryan Air refugees. In the end, all the flights were near 300 euros. We had no choice but to acquiesce to their demand. 100 euro on top of the 70 already paid for the flight. Over $300 / £150 for a frakking Ryan Air flight.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

And Jersey For All BBQ

Another great AJFA event! They always are, but of course, each one is special. This year Harold hosted the BBQ. This was not an ordinary BBQ. When I walked in Nick, Taran, and Jay were taking the shells off of shrimp. They had about three pounds of shrimp. I"m like, how are you going to put that on a BBQ??? Not to worry. Harold smiled and held up the bacon! I knew I was in for a treat! I watched in awe as Harold picked out the larger shrimp and wrapped the bacon around it. My mouth just watered! OMG!!! Such a master. He told me he used to work in the kitchens back in Puerto Rico. A chef!! AJFA has a resident chef!! And to prove his metal, he took the remaining shrimp, put it in a wok. Walked out the back door to his garden and returned with ... A FRESH ONION!!! He meticulously chopped the onion. Then he grabbed a clove of fresh garlic. All of this went into the wok... with the shrimp... OMG!!! I'm so in love with Harold! If I could hit him over the head with a large club and drag him back to my cave I would! But he's very tall! LOL

Harold is just a master of food! Not to be outdone, Nick and Jay brought two types of sausages and burgers. Harold supplied the HP sauce. I kid you not!!! Harold is an HP connoisseur!!! We had tons of food - as usual!!! Metallica blasted thru the ipods. Including the ever popular blue grass version of Metallica: Fade to Bluegrass It's the best thing for a BBQ. Trust me!

I was well chuffed that people came out. It's always nerve wracking when you plan a party and you don't know if anyone will show. I hadn't seen Harold since the Newark shows. Nick and Taran were at the AJFA Rock Band Metallica party back in April. This was Becca's first AJFA event. We had a great time. But then, we always do! We enjoy each other's company. Just being able to sit around and cook and eat and talk about life, the universe, and everything. I totally love running And Jersey for All. We've got a great bunch of people. I always look forward to when we can get together... and eat. Coz that's what we do best - cook and eat! LOL We love food as much as we love Metallica!!!

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